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FAQs Tenants

If you would like to, we are able to arrange this service as well for you, however, there is an additional fee for that.

If you are applying to a blue stamp ad, you are to arrange the rental agreement with the landlord. If you are applying for a green or red stamp, we are to give you the rental agreement which still needs to be signed from both you and the landlord.  We are not to have a further part in the rental agreement.

If you agree with a landlord to take a room / flat, then we are to get the first rent payment from you. This is an additional safety for you, and to avoid any possible complications. As it is a better option for you and for us, it is after your arrival that we will transfer the first rent directly to the bank account of the landlord.

Yes it is. You can choose one of the flats or rooms and apply for it. If you get accepted, enjoy!

Ads without stamps are ones which have not taken our service and have done everything on their own. This means that we cannot guarantee if that ad is a fraud or not. It also means that the communication with the landlord, the rent agreement and the money payments are to be arranged solely between you and the landlord.

We can assure you that we have been to every one by the greens and took the pictures or we have skyped by the blues with the landlords.

FAQs Landlords

Of course! You are most welcome! There is also a calendar feature with your advertisement, so the visitors to to your ad will see when your apartment will be free or occupied. No more answering emails, no more wasting your time to find the right person.

You have the opportunity to cancel two months before the student arrives. After the period of two months, there is still the possibility of cancelling, if the student will agree so. If you cancel the agreement without the permission from the student, unfortunately we will take you out of the system and will not proceed the partnership with you any further.

That is the reason why we collect the first month payment in advance. You will get the first payment and we will further support you by finding another suitable student for your apartment.

After you will accept the student’s profile we will collect the first rent payment from the student. This is to secure you from frauds, so you can be sure that the student will come at the arrival date. After the student moves in, we will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

After you choose the “green stamp” option we will arrange with you a date where we can come over and take pictures from the room/apartment and meet you in person. Afterwards the room/apartment will be uploaded on our website from us. You just need to answer the tenants and accept one.

After choosing the “Blue Stamp” option we will have a skype call with you. In the skype call we will become more familiar with each other and will have a nice toure where you could show us the flat and the room.