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Hi there !

We assume you would like to have information about FoundMyRoom and its Team. We as a team have built this website for students who would like to study or do an internship abroad.

You may ask why this webpage!?

The facts are that the world today is one big “global village”. One of the beautiful consequences is bringing people together from all over our lovely planet. People are more willing to travel around the globe, more than ever before, either for work, for a study semester abroad or just to break routine and change something in their lives. Being travelers ourselves, we have found out that finding a proper and secure room, or even a flat in a different country, can be quite the challenge!

Many questions can pop up in your head, like: Is the room the same as it is in the pictures on the website where I first saw it? Is the text description for the apartment really accurately depicting the real condition of the apartment? The area where the apartment is situated, is it really one of the most famous places there?

Many more questions could come up to your mind! To find a suitable place where you can meet new friends, explore new cultures, and learn how enjoyable foreign countries can be aside your own, we as a young team created
We would really like to ease the way for you as a student, expat or someone simply moving to a new place, to find the right, secure flat or room.

At our platform, you can find a place to stay almost all over our lovely planet.

Life is too short to stay homebound, so we are more than ready to help you and recommend you for your change – to take deep breath of some new air somewhere in a different city across the world. Maybe California, Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, Texas or Washington DC in the United States; or Wales, Ireland, or England within the United Kingdom; maybe a little bit more on the East, like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir in Turkey.

On the other hand, if you are in the business of renting, you can also advertise one of your rooms or apartments. Just click on the “list your ad” option, then proceed to insert with ease all the information required, and you are ready to publish it.

Furthermore, this web page is addressed to people seeking foreigners for their flat in all cities, to experience their culture or study their language. Erasmus students or students in general, are always welcome.

Found My Room is quite a new initiative, so lots of new stuff is just about to come and be changed in the future. For now, we would like to know if you fancy this idea and ask you to give us some feedback.

Hope that you will find the place that suits you in the city you have always desired to visit.

All the best!
Your FoundMyRoom Team