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Find your flat or room in the city where you would like to stay for a couple of months!

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Write your new landlord and get to know each other. Arrange your arrival date, and don’t forget to submit your first rent payment to us, so you are safe from frauds.

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Welcome Home!

Welcome to your new home! Meet your new flatmates, and make yourself at home in your new room. We are sure you will have a lot of new and happy memories there!

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If you prefer, from our side, we are able to make the pictures of your apartment, prepare short description text about it, and communicate with the student. Of course, you can always pick the option to insert the info about your flat yourself.

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Choose the student who will be the best tenant for your apartment and arrange the arriving date with him or her. To keep you safe from fraud, we will take care that the student makes payment to us before, and transfer the money to you after his / her arrival.

Enjoy | FoundMyRoom


Welcome your new flat mate and show him/her a little bit around. Relax and enjoy whilst learning the new culture and be happy as you practice your English skills.